ACROMETA Expands Into Indonesia with Silica Sand Venture

ACROMETA Group Limited (SGX: 43F), a specialist in engineering services with over a quarter-century of expertise, made headlines with its announcement of a new venture into the Indonesian market.

The company has inked a non-binding, non-exclusive Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with PT. Swadaya Buana Makmur (PTSBM), signaling a strategic expansion to its robust portfolio.

This MOU targets the procurement of up to a million tonnes of high-grade, Low Iron Silica Sand annually, directly from West Kalimantan, Indonesia.

This collaboration is poised to harness ACROMETA’s deep-rooted skills in specialist engineering services, promising a diversification of the Group’s revenue streams.

Levin Lee Keng Weng, the Executive Chairman of ACROMETA, expressed optimism about the synergy with PTSBM and reiterated the Group’s commitment to continually explore new opportunities that will enhance shareholder value.

The targeted sand, boasting an impressive 99.5% SIO2 purity, is crucial in various high-precision and construction industries. It’s a key ingredient in manufacturing precision instruments, ophthalmic lenses, LCD screens, and serves as a foundational element in numerous construction materials.

The burgeoning demand for such high-purity silica sand underscores the strategic merit of this MOU.

ACROMETA, transitioning from its former identity as ACROMEC Limited, has a storied history in designing and constructing controlled environments like laboratories and cleanrooms.

Its business is segmented into three core areas: engineering, procurement, and construction services specialized in controlled environments, maintenance and repair services, and a co-working laboratory business, which includes a 6,500-square-foot facility at The German Centre in Singapore catering to SMEs and startups.

The Group’s clientele spans healthcare, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, academia, electronics, and more, including hospitals, government agencies, multinational corporations, and universities.

As ACROMETA sets its sights on the Indonesian silica sand market, it continues preliminary talks with potential international buyers in anticipation of formal offtake agreements with PTSBM, aiming for the first transaction by January 15, 2024, subject to export approvals and market conditions

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