Alta Broadens Reach in Hong Kong with Evolve Capital Partnerships

Alta, Southeast Asia’s digital marketplace for alternative assets, has announced a significant expansion following its robust growth in 2023.

The company is partnering with Singapore’s Evolve Capital and extending its platform to Hong Kong through collaborations with Rockpool Capital, Cachet Group, and Quam Securities.

This move integrates these firms’ investor communities into Alta’s global network, providing them with direct access to a diverse range of alternative investment opportunities, including global private companies, equity credit funds, and rare whisky and wines.

This brings Alta’s total member firms to nine, highlighting its commitment to enhancing accessibility to alternative investments and supporting investors in mitigating risks while increasing returns.

The partnerships reflect the increasing interest in alternative investments in the Asia Pacific region, amidst a volatile macro environment and inflationary pressures. Investors are increasingly viewing alternatives as a viable option, with family offices allocating an average of 37% to these investments.

Alta’s exchange arm, AltaX, has also secured a Capital Markets Services custodial license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore, enabling the safekeeping of both digital and non-digital assets, and further establishing Alta’s position as a secure and efficient platform for alternative investments.

This expansion marks a significant milestone for Alta and its partners, positioning them to capitalize on the growing demand for alternative investments and providing investors with enhanced portfolio diversification options.

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